How to be a Million Dollar Recruiter - The Six Rules of Recruitment.

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How to be a Million Dollar Recruiter - The Six Rules of Recruitment.

Liam Mooney
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How to be a Million Dollar Recruiter - The Six Rules of Recruitment, by Liam Mooney, Mr. Recruiter

How to be a million dollar recruiter. This is a full 360 recruitment training course, showing you how you can be an elite recruiter, whether in-house or an external recruiter. The course is based on six key areas of recruitment, what the author Liam Mooney calls "The Six Rules of Recruitment."

About the Author, Liam Mooney, Mr. Recruiter

Liam Mooney founded Blue Pencil in 2002, a global legal recruitment company. Liam has over 20 years of international recruitment experience, in both hiring recruiters and recruiting himself. He started the company with no start-up capital and no recruitment experience. Over the years he has developed a successful formula breaking down the recruitment process into the six keys areas of recruitment, “The Six Rules of Recruitment”. He will show you how you can make placements every single month. The course is written by Liam himself along with a number of key directors in Blue Pencil.

What you will learn

A full 360 view of the recruitment process, including:-

• The mentality and mindset of a successful recruiter

• How to find, identify and qualify vacancies

• Time management working with clients

• How to find appropriate talent

• Qualifying candidates

• Representing candidates

• Boolean searches

• Client and candidate management

• Getting repeat business

This course is suited for

All recruiters, whether in-house or working for a recruitment company. Anyone can follow the course, whether your experienced or inexperienced in the recruitment world. The only thing that is important is sector knowledge of the industry you are recruiting in.

What you get for your money

21 training videos

Standard recruitment templates including documents for qualifying clients, candidates and vacancies. Setting your personal KPI's.

Our training book to accompany video

Access to the authors Discord chat community for recruiters

Blue Pencil Certified Recruiter exam (gold package only)

One on one coaching (gold package only)


One placement will x10 –20 your original investment in this course. If you don’t make one placement within 12 months of following this course, we will give you your money back.

The course is best studied over 1 month (1 video per day). Once this course is delivered to you it will be yours to keep forever, you’ll be able to watch it as many times as you like at your own pace. You will also receive additional videos and content that the author produces. Because of the nature of the content there will be no refunds issued once the course is delivered 

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What you get 21 training videos Our training book to accompany video Blue Pencil Certified Recruiter exam One on one coaching (gold package)

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